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Evans Custom Screw and Machine (formally Evans Obsolete Screws) has been providing custom made unavailable screws and parts for over 8 years. We began by providing hard to obtain screws for mounting target sights such as Parker Hale, AJ Parker Central, etc., to fit the military British rifles of the last century. We have expanded to provide just about any screw for most any purpose if a sample or detailed dimensions can be provided. We also now catalogue over 100 different screws for rifles such as the Martini Henry, Long Lee, SMLE, NO.4 Enfield, Pattern 1914 Enfield, Model of 1917, Japanese Arisaka, Finnish Mosin Nagants and many more. Others are added each month as samples are sent for reproduction. We also make other parts such as pins and some common tools. We also do repairs to stocks, cracks repaired and missing pieces can be replaced by dovetailing vintage wood into the area as was done by factories and armories in the trade over the last 2 centuries.

I still have a good supply of original parts for the British and American Enfield rifles collected over the last 35 years. Some are not available through normal parts services.

All parts made or provided by me come fully guaranteed for proper fit or price including shipping is refunded. I will attempt to make necessary changes to get proper fit at no cost to you. You risk nothing to send a part for reproducing as I will return your part at my cost plus refund your postage if I cannot make it for you.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me for any unavailable item you may need.

Evans Custom Screw and Machine


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